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Terms of Service

Ownership Terms and Conditions

User Restrictions:

(As a user of PF-PWNER, you are strictly forbidden to do any of the following)

  • 1.1: Resell or otherwise distribute your license or any of the files supplied to third parties not approved by Whitelist Moderators or Higherups. Your license, in this context, concludes of your serial key supplied upon purchase.
  • 1.2: Attempt to reverse engineer any of the files supplied,
  • 1.3: Use the Product to engineer detection mechanisms that would harm the Product itself or the communities associated.
  • 1.4: State another User’s ownership of the Product publicly in third party communication channels with the intent to harm.
  • 1.5: Share your license in any such way that allows another user to gain access to the Product or otherwise publicly state your license anywhere. Your license in this context includes both the serial key used to grant access to the Product and any accounts associated with it.
  • 1.6: State falsified information such as (but not limited to) the Product itself directly causing termination of a user’s account or Logging information for malicious purposes.
  • 1.7: Chargeback your purchase due to the method that we use to individually license the Product to our users.
  • 1.8: Modify the Product in any way from its original form. This includes (but not limited to) adding any form of third party application or script to the Product or otherwise altering the Product in any form.

Terms of Termination

  • 2.1: If for any reason it is suspected that you have violated any of the terms stated in section 1 of the Ownership Terms And Conditions your license will be terminated.
  • 2.2: If your license is terminated you may dispute the allegations bestowed upon you with a Whitelist Moderator or Higherup.
  • 2.3: (Continuation of 2.2) If it is found that your license was falsely terminated you will have the ability to reclaim your license after it has been restored by a Whitelist Moderator or Higherup.
  • 2.4: If for any reason you are automatically terminated and believe it to be incorrect, as stated in 2.2 you may dispute this with any Whitelist Moderator or Higherup
  • 2.5: If you do not dispute your termination within 72 hours of it occurring your license will be removed from our database and is not able to be recovered by any user.
  • 2.6: If it is found that your license was terminated as a direct violation of 1.8 your license will remain terminated unless it is found that your license was wrongly terminated.
  • 2.7: If it is found within reason that your license was wrongly terminated it can be reinstated once. If another infraction is to occur your license will be permanently terminated.


What is stored

  • 1.1: The only data that is stored on our servers is your key, your Synapse X User ID (SUID), Your IP address, your Discord account ID, and your Roblox account username. We would like to express that we do not store any external information on your hardware or geographical location based upon the other information collected.


  • 2.1: The security of your Personal Information is one of our top priorities, but it is important to remember that no method of transmission over the internet, or any method of electronic storage is 100% secure. While we are not able to guarantee your information’s absolute security, we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your Personal Information.

Privacy Policy Changes

  • 3.1: Although most changes are likely to be minor, we may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. It is encouraged that you regularly check the Privacy Policy for changes. Your continued use of the Product after any change to the Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.